Halo Crown - $120.00
Halo Crown - $120.00
Flower Cuff - $60.00
Flower Cuff - $60.00
Head Band Blooms - $70.00

Flower Crowns

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Need something special for your next event? Why not splash out and put a crown on it!!

We offer three different varieties to suit your hair style and your budget:

$60 - The flower cuff is like a corsage for your head, it can be pinned anywhere that suits you.

$70 - The head band crown is built on a standard 'alice band' and sits over the top of your head.

$120 - The halo crown is the traditional style with full flowers right around your head.

Flower Crown orders must be placed at least one week before they are required. Please add any specific flower and colour choices in the "delivery date and card message" section in your cart.