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So you've ordered a bouquet and you would like to have it sent in a vase? Sure thing! This is actually a really SMART idea, particularly when ordering flowers during the summer months and flowers going to a hospital where finding a vase can be near impossible. 

Vase prices and sizes are pre-determined based on your flower order. Please select the appropriate value vase using the guide below:

$40 flowers = $5 vase (mason)

$50 - $60 flowers = $10 vase (mason)

$70 - $100 flowers = $20 vase

$110 - $170 flowers = $30 vase

$180+ = $45 vase

We stock a variety of different vase styles from mason jars, fish bowls, tall cylinders and the list goes on. We will do our very best to accommodate specific vase requests although we cannot guarantee it as our stock levels vary daily. 

Please ensure that the correct vase size is picked when ordering. If you're going to be sneaky and select a $5 vase for a $100 flower order we will just reduce the size of the flowers to accommodate. ;)